Welcome to The Yoga Kitchen! Whether you practise yoga already or if you just want fresh ideas for balancing your mind and energising your body, this brand-new book brings over 100 delicious vegetarian dishes, free from gluten and refined sugar.

In The Yoga Kitchen, Kimberly Parsons, offers meal solutions to align your physical and mental energy, and boost your overall happiness. With recipes ranging from Dukkah eggs with broad bean & avocado mash, One pot masala dhal, Soba noodle buddha bowl to Raw caramel slice with bee pollen, it has never been simpler to bring healthy, nutritious and balanced dishes directly into your kitchen.

Each chapter has been divided into the seven chakra, energy centres within the body. Each chakra is associated with different emotions, organs and body systems, therefore the recipes and foods within each chapter have been designed to strengthen our energy, body systems and minds by eating food that will support our core. Creating synergy between mind, body and spirit.

This book isn’t just for yogi’s who practice yoga on a regular basis, it is for everyone who wants to focus their minds and nourish their bodies by feeding themselves health conscious vegetarian dishes.

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