Kimberly Parsons, is an integral part of London’s health and wellness industry. She is making it her mission to change the way we view our health, food and understanding of ourselves. Her recipe book, titled ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ follows yogic philosophy and combines food and holistic health as a way to connect our energy, mind and body through the food we eat.

She spends her time developing bespoke programs for her 6 week ‘The Whole You’ wellness clients, cooking all their delicious meals for a complete tailored health experience as well as co-hosting yoga retreats throughout the year.

Born and raised in Australia to an English father and Sicilian mother, Kimberly was also exposed to a strong European influence from an early age. “I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones! I was one of those children who was brought up searching for the freshly laid eggs under the hens’ warm belly. At age five I could tell you exactly what was growing in the vegetable garden, I knew when the raspberries were ready to be picked for making jam. I tasted the sweetness of a fresh fig from the tree and looked forward to the autumn bringing the prickly chestnuts to roast over an open fire. This was all common knowledge to me because I was exposed to it. That was the landscape of food I was taught and I grew up being surrounded by. So, I guess a passion for food, nutrition and healthy living has stemmed from my early years. I decided to become a naturopath because I loved being able to treat people with natural substances for health, I loved the idea that I could take what grew in our surroundings and help people make connections with their health through it.”

Kimberly graduated from a 4 year degree in Naturopathy in 2006 from the renowned Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, Australia. “It was here my passion for how the body related to its environment and what we fed it started to makes sense. Specialising in nutrition & herbal medicine I developed a strong understanding of how our bodies heal and interact with its surroundings.“

By 2008, Kimberly had decided it was time to reconnect to her European roots. After selling her naturopathic practice, her journey took her to the intoxicating Villa kitchens buried in the rolling hills of the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy and then onto the 5 star chalet kitchens of the French Alps, where childhood passions for cooking could combine with top class dining standards and attention to detail. Arriving in London, she worked as a private chef and wrote her first recipe book, ‘Suitcases of recipes’ published by Vagabond in Norway 2012.

“I take my inspiration from my surroundings, from nature & the seasons. My creative mind feels at home when surrounded by fresh produce. To me, being creative is simply the experience of bringing attention to something and making it more beautiful than it was before you started. For me, I experience this every time I step into the kitchen. The simple act of taking 3 to 4 ingredients and bringing them together to create a dish is simply my heaven. There is a saying “the sum of parts is greater then its individual parts” and this is the art of cooking, of creating a dish from simple individual ingredients. I never tire of taking different ingredients and finding new ways to bring them together. All it takes is a simple image or visit to the local farmers market for a creative journey to spark a flow of ideas leading to a new dish.”

Balancing her life between Surrey & London Kimberly continues to combine her passions for holistic health, naturopathy and cooking through her ‘Feed Your Change’ program and truly believes “our greatest asset is our health”. 

Kimberly loves to hear from her following so please get in touch by sending her a message via the contact page.