If you are a ferocious learner like I am then you will love what I am about to share with you. Podcasts have become my new obsession, I literally can’t get enough of them. I listen to them while in the kitchen, while I am commuting around London to see my patients, driving in the car and my favourite time is while flying.

These are my top 4 Podcasts I love right now:

The Rich Roll Podcast

Host: Rich Roll

Frequency: Weekly – every Monday

Why I love it: Gosh! How to describe how much I love this podcast is actually not possible. I am literally listening to hours worth of this podcast every day! I love how authentic Rich is and the conversations he has with some of the world’s brightest, most inspiring and thought provoking leaders is like liquid gold to my ears. These are the kinds of conversations you wish you could have with some of the most interesting movers and shakers in the world. His conversations range from veganism, athleticism, wellness, adventure and beyond. He has an inspiring story himself and I just love how authentic and real these conversations are. The guests he features are varied and all paradigm breakers within their own fields. Over the last month, I must have listened to over 50 of his podcasts and there are plenty to choose from as he has been in this game for the best part of a decade. My favourite guests have been Danielle LaPorte, Rachel Carlton Abrams, Darin Olien and Dr Frank Lipman (get it here).

From the Heart

Host: Yoga Girl – Rachel Brathen

Frequency: Weekly – every Friday

Why I love it: Known as Yoga Girl, Rachel has sparked a movement through sharing her yoga and heart which I find really inspiring. Her podcast is relaxed and filled with really lovely stories of being a new mother. She is deliberately honest and REAL which I also appreciate and love about her. Her podcast is still in its infancy, there are only 7 podcasts currently but I am loving the message that is coming across which is to be authentically you and listen to what you and what your body needs (get it here)

One Part Podcast

Host: Jessica Murnane

Frequency: Weekly – every Wednesday

Why I love it: If you are wellness junkie and real foodie then you will love this podcast too. Jessica Murnane makes this podcast so relatable for women and all her guests are super inspiring entrepreneurs with heart hitting messages. Some of my favourite guests have been my dear friend Jada Sezer, Sarah Britton from My New Roots and Ally Hilfiger   (get it here)

10% Happier

Host: Dan Harris

Frequency: Weekly – every Wednesday morning

Why I love it: Actually this podcast is hard to describe. It’s inspiration and information on just “living a better life,” whatever that might mean for you. Basically, Dan is obsessed with finding the answer to: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enlightenment (whatever that means)? His podcasts are all with super ambitious people who have found some level of connection to enlightenment or use mindfulness and meditation in their daily balance regime (get it here)


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