Okay, so here we go, I am writing you my first blog post! Adding ‘blogger’ to my seemingly endless list of job titles. I am truly thrilled to be starting this journey with you and finding out where this road will take us…
Writing is a passion of mine, In the past I committed to travel blogs which detailed my life living in Tuscany and the French Alps. But upon my move to London in 2010, I stopped writing. London life didn’t feel inspiring and my creative juices literally dried up while city life took over. Now 7 years on and with many more exciting chapters of my life lived in the UK I am coming back to my passion of writing again and as timing should have it, this also coincides with my move out of London and into the green countryside of Surrey.
My friends, fans and followers in the past few years have been asking me why I didn’t blog. I have always thought of myself as a paper kind of girl. Having written ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ in 2015 I had been able to fulfill my biggest dream of publishing a recipe book. Becoming an author had given me those lovely feelings of accomplishment and acheivement but not that righteous self-worth that I think we all need a little of for our ego to want to project our opinions and knowledge onto others. I thought people would buy my book and not need any more from me as an author. But as the modern digital age expects and puts never ending demands on having information at its fingertips I was finding that I was being asked for more and more content. So much so that I was getting a little tired of rolling my eyes everytime someone asked me “can I find your recipes and blog online?” Furthermore, another reason why I didn’t blog before (apart from the fact that for the last 4 years while running retreat cafe I just didn’t have the time) I personally do not read blogs. I think there are some amazing blogs out there but I just never find myself sitting in a chair long enough to read them and so it took a few of lifes twists and turns to help me re-ignited that passion to write again and share the knowledge and experience I have.
So this journey will take us down a path towards creating a space for you to find authentic thoughts and ideas on wellness and hopefully, ultimately ‘the whole you’. My intention is to help you find that deep connection to yourself and understand how to navigate this confusing world of wellness which seems to consist of that elusive concept known to us as ‘balance’, nutrition, healthy eating and the misleading food industry today, mindfulness and what that actually means. We will travel together down the twisting roads that wellness has taken us in an attempt to unravel your authentic self and help you be the best version of yourself in a truly holistic manner. I am going to be honest in my opinions, I will share my experiences, stories and hopefully through my writing bring some clarity to this space which I feel so compelled and inspired by. All I ask is that you share and keep this knowledge moving outside of the devices in which you interact with it. So please share and talk about what you read here so we can all grow together and reach as many people as possible with our mission of health and innate connection.
 So, without further ado, let’s start this journey…

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