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With Kimberly Parsons; an Australian qualified Naturopath, Chef, Author of ‘The Yoga Kitchen‘ and founder of Retreat, a vegetarian cafe based in London.

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“Good food should make us feel something. It helps us connect to our bodies, it is a very personal affair and it also happens to be something we are confronted with several times a day. Food is therefore a tool we can all use to help us navigate towards health not only on a nutritional level but also an energetic and emotional level.” ‘The Yoga Kitchen’, Kimberly Parsons

Make the Mind-Body Connection

Real food evokes emotion and makes you feel a certain way, it creates a sense of wholeness and attachment to the earth. Real foods speak to us and if we are willing to listen closely enough our bodies also speak to us, it’s about listening to these two whispers and putting them in touch with each other.

“Watching Kim in the kitchen on one of her many yoga retreats is pure magic. Her attention to detail, knowledge and passion ooze from her hands into the food and it is such a delight to be able to experience a truly passionate woman at play in her playground”

Charlotte Hilton

“The Yoga Kitchen Retreat was simply heaven. As an absolute foodie I was so excited by our three course breakfast and dinner which were definitely highlights of the retreat for me. The yoga sessions were a perfect way to start and end the day of relaxing in the sunshine or hiking to the beautiful serene lake. I would hundred percent recommend this retreat for anyone who’s looking to find some more balance in their life and experience how healthy vegetarian food can be absolutely delicious!”


“Kim’s food is truly delicious and for me personally, as a lover of healthy food, her recipes fill a gap in the market, which is her knowledge of food and health combined with an extraordinary ability to put flavours together. Who would have thought grilled watermelon, goats cheese and pesto would be so moorish. I was skeptical to say the least! And such a beautiful person. I can’t wait to see where she ends up and feel so honoured to have been able to contribute to in a small way to her journey”

Lisa Cohen

“Working with Kim has been a delight. She has made the connection between health, nutrition & food at Bulgari Spa, London. Together with Retreat Café we are now able to offer our members and guests wholesome nourishment in a healthy take away breakfast service. Ideal for those on the go.  Also working closely with the restaurant Kim has supported the launch of ‘Healthy Breakfast’ for our health conscious international hotel client base.”

Shelley Hepburn – Spa Director @ Bulgari Hotel & Residences London


Then, return with a fresh perspective that will infuse everything you do.